Ocean's Promise® Pure Premium WellnessOcean's Promise is a premium health & wellness brand, specializing in the sale and distribution of organic sea moss and superfood supplements.  Our mission is to inspire a healthy lifestyle with a holistic and minimalist approach to wellness.

Ocean's Promise® Premium Sea Moss Gel with Bladderwrack & Burdock Root


When Ocean's Promise founder, Elijah Bland, experienced the benefits of sea moss for himself, he had no idea it would become a pillar of passion and purpose.  What began as an exploratory journey turned into a mission to inspire others through pure, premium wellness.  Since its inception, Ocean's Promise has been committed to delivering the world's finest superfood with unparalleled quality and consistency.
Ocean's Promise® Sea Moss Max (Warehouse)


Trusted by over 300 U.S. retailers and counting, Ocean's Promise remains committed to the most important member of our family: YOU.  No matter how much we grow, the love and care we pour into each product will always be the way we keep our promise.  We dive into every detail, leaving no stone (or seashell) unturned.