Saint Lucian Pitons
Ocean's Promise is a premium health & wellness brand, specializing in the sale and distribution of organic sea moss and dietary supplements.

Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur, Elijah Bland, we are driven by passion and purpose:

"As a former athlete, health and wellness have always been a major part of my lifestyle.   My family is also from Saint Lucia.  Sea moss has been popular in the Caribbean for many years, and in my family for generations.  However, when a relative approached me with the idea of creating a sea moss brand, I was initially reluctant — my personal experience with sea moss had been mostly anecdotal and nostalgic.  Ironically, I was experiencing some health issues at the time and started incorporating sea moss into my morning smoothies.  Simply put, it helped tremendously!  After experiencing its benefits for myself, I decided to dive in head first and Ocean’s Promise was born. I committed to learning everything I could about sea moss, ranging from naturopathic resources to the core of my Caribbean roots. My mission is to deliver a premium brand that instills confidence in our customers, and empowers them on their journey towards optimal wellness."